Let me introduce myself

My name is Michael Smith and I am a registered Architect in Melbourne, Australia.

Becoming an Architect in Australia is no easy task. The most straightforward path begins with at least five years at university. I did an extra year to pick up a construction management degree and some additional skills. Since I left University Architecture has become a 3 + 2 year deal where a 3 year bachelor course is then followed by a masters by coursework.

Once you have graduated you are not an architect. From here you work as a graduate of architecture under the direction of an architect. Whilst undertaking this work you have to keep a logbook of hours in various competencies. This logbook takes a minimum of two years work, however a longer period is much more common.  The logbook is then scrutinized by the Architects Registration Board of the state you are apply for registration in. Should this be deemed sufficient you then have to pass an exam and finally ’a no holds barred’ interview to see if you have got what it takes.

In my case this journey took ten years from starting university to being legally entitled to call myself an Architect.

This is a good thing! This means that if someone advertises themselves as an Architect you can have confidence that they have significant experience and knowledge.

This blog will aim to make architectural discussion more accessible to the general public whilst also providing an insight into the design process and construction industry in Victoria.

Architecture is for everyone.


About Michael Smith

Architect and Director of Atelier Red + Black based in Melbourne, Australia
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