Free Architecture This Weekend!

The free Architecture event of the year is happening this weekend in Melbourne. Melbourne Open House is the perfect opportunity to put those Vitruvian Architecture critic skills to the test (see previous post for tips). If you have ever wondered what the inside of the old treasury building looks like, this weekend is your chance to find out. There are 100 vastly different buildings and experiences to choose from including old favorites such as the National Gallery of Victoria, The Hotel Windsor and the Supreme Court of Victoria. There is also a swathe of new buildings such as the high-tech eco friendly Council Houses 2 and the recently renovated University of Melbourne Boat House.  


 As for me, I will be touring several buildings starting with Hamer Hall, which has been recently redeveloped by Architects Aston Raggat and McDougall (Architects of RMIT Storey Hall and Melbourne Recital Centre). After that the list includes the new Royal Children’s Hospital, and the Melbourne University Brain Centre.


For more information check out the website.


 Don’t forget to check back next week with the red and black review of Melbourne Open House.


Finally apologies for the short post this week, I am working on a currently secret assignment, which I will reveal in due course.


Enjoy Open House!

Architecture is for everyone

About Michael Smith

Architect and Director of Atelier Red + Black based in Melbourne, Australia
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2 Responses to Free Architecture This Weekend!

  1. The Children’s Hospital is a great piece of infrastructure, easily the best hospital I’ve ever visited and worthy of its accolades. Make sure you swing past the (nurse) shark tank and meerkats! Last year, I checked out the Russell Street Electrical Substation, a fascinating building I didn’t realise existed.

  2. Hi Panfilo
    I was truly surprised at how good the Royal Children’s Hospital was! Clearly a new benchmark for public hospitals. Thanks for reading!

    Architecture is for everyone!

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