Flinders Street Designs Set Free

Major Projects Victoria, the government body behind the Flinders Street Station Design Competition has given permission over twitter for unsuccessful entries to be released for public viewing.

People are free to exhibit their unsuccessful entries if they want. MPV will exhibit all entries when Stage 2 closes 🙂

                                                            Major Projects Victoria via Twitter

The official release comes a week after the private Long List exhibition, organized by Edwards Moore and reported on in my previous post, The Long List and the Architecture Rebels. The post was picked up in an excellent article by Crikey blogger Alan Davies in his post, Will Flinders Street be the Next Guggenheim?

A collection of entries set free! 

The following links were also provided by Major Projects Victoria over twitter.

Andrew Burns Architect

Warwick Mihaly, Steve Rose, Jamie Sorman

Fraser Paxton Architects

Gresley Abas Architects

Rothe Lowman


Delia Teschendorff

K20 Architecture

Take a look and feel free to comment below on which are your favourites

The Red and Black Architect Entry

As announced in an earlier Flinders Street Station Competition update, I was one of the 118 entrants in the competition. With today’s announcement by Major Projects Victoria I can reveal for the first time publicly the detail of my design.

The Red and Black Architect Design Proposal

My proposal features a conservative restoration of the administration building, tied with a more substantial redevelopment of the remainder of the site. Most importantly the view of the clocks from St Paul’s Cathedral will remain as iconic as ever. The renovated and restored Administration Building would have multiple uses including administration spaces for the rail staff and a function centre and restaurant which would utilize the restored ballroom. Tours of the restored historic interiors would also cater for tourists and rail enthusiasts.

The eastern concourse is to have the heritage structure retained with a new glazed roof above. Sitting behind this structure is a completely new Eastern Concourse atrium which features an organic metallic form. This singular fluid design form provides an architectural counterbalance to the geometric complexity of Federation Square opposite.

Moving through the concourse reveals a naturally lit open train station with a glazed canopy above. A new footbridge will link the eastern concourse with a western podium level above the existing rail lines. This podium level provides significant interconnectivity across the site whilst allowing additional access to the three new buildings on the western half of the site.

The Melbourne Community Centre will feature a variety of community based spaces for the benefit of all Melbournians such as child care facilities and spaces for nonprofit organizations. It will face out towards the new urban campfire, a meeting and gathering space with an Australian narrative.

An internal street at the podium level connects pedestrians through to the western end of the site. The south side of this street features a mixed use building which will house the new Gallery of Urban Art, which celebrates Melbourne’s leading role in the developing street art movement.

The north west of the site facilitates a new office building which also provides the structural support for the podium above the rail lines.

This proposed design balances cultural, social and economic factors with a design that is highly contemporary and fundamentally Melbourne at heart.

Full detail of the Red and Black Architect Flinders Street Station entry can be found here

 The wrap up.

With today’s announcement no doubt more entries will surface online. Importantly there was also a commitment for an exhibition of all entries upon completion of the competition. This may be in an on-line or real world gallery. When the details are confirmed I will post an update for all. In the meantime enjoy perusing the non selected entries!

Architecture is for everyone!

About Michael Smith

Architect and Director of Atelier Red + Black based in Melbourne, Australia
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  3. russell patterson says:

    Love your design, a giant platypus! How appropriate!

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