Show 441

Last night saw an unprecedented architectural event in Melbourne that will go down as one of the biggest moments of the year for the local architectural community. The Architects radio program on RRR said their goodbye at a live outside broadcast for 441st and final show. There to witness the end of an era was a very large and appreciative crowd of fans, including the ‘cream of the crop’ of Melbourne’s architecture scene. Hundreds turned out at the very picturesque Riverland Cafe and Bar clearly testament to the impact that The Architects have had on Melbournians.

The Architects: Simon Knott, Christine Phillips and Stuart Harrison     (Photo: Danny Robson)

The Architects: Simon Knott, Christine Phillips and Stuart Harrison (Photo: Danny Robson)

Professional to the end, Stuart Harrison, Simon Knott and Christine Phillips did not let the opportunity to discuss important issues slip past in the celebratory broadcast, curating the theme of ‘change and the future’ for the final show. In a gesture fitting of the occasion, Architect Kerstin Thompson, who had been the show’s very first guest when the program began 10 years ago, was chosen as one of the three guests. Her extraordinary career has gone from strength to strength in the decade since. In her interview Thompson emphasized the need for greater design reviews of multi-residential buildings which will be so important in the future growth of our cities.

Stuart Harrison and Kirsten Thompson (Photo: Danny Robson)

Stuart Harrison and Kerstin Thompson (Photo: Danny Robson)

Next guest up was current Victorian President of the Australian Institute of Architects, Peter Malatt. In this section the discussion flowed from the laneway culture of Melbourne, to the near future of the architecture profession. Malatt emphasized the importance of architects reaching out o the public in media and in politics.

 “We (Architects) are not the audience. The public is the audience”

Peter Malatt, Victorian President of the AIA

With substantial interest in what will come next once The Architects have left the airwaves, Stuart Harrison was quick to point out the excellent Adelaide based radio show, The Plan. This weekly show goes to air on Wednesdays and is available over the internet. It was also fitting for co host of The Plan, John Byleveld to be a guest on the final of The Architects. Byleveld gave The Architects and RRR substantial credit in paving the way for The Plan, which has now been running for four years. Within the interview with Byleveld, The Architects were able to break their final piece of industry news, that the location of the 2016 National Architecture Conference, which will be in Adelaide.

The Architects Final Show

In what was the only disappointment for the evening, international correspondent Dr. Rory Hyde was unable to be taken to air due to gremlins in international communications. He was however able to participate via twitter where he sent his mixed feelings and best wishes.

 A sad day, but very proud to have been part of this thing! #RadioArchitects

Global communications network fail! Gutted not be able to get through to the show in Melbourne! Congrats all, especially the RRRs!!

Dr Rory Hyde via twitter @RoryHyde

With the show rapidly running out of time the trio reflected upon their favorite Architects, the question they themselves put upon their guests.  (For those who missed the answers check out an earlier interview here)

Finally it was time for the thank-you’s and goodbye’s with Simon Knott perhaps best summing up what the show has represented.

“The great thing about this show is that it represents the collegial community atmosphere that exists here in Melbourne”

Simon Knott

spectacular architectural void

End of an era

The show concluded with a specially produced closing version of the now iconic rock track. With that final electric sound, an era ended.

The ability for this ground-breaking show to have lasted 10 years is remarkable in itself. Congratulations and a massive thank-you to all involved.

The popularity of the show is of great credit to the hosts and is further proof that…

Architecture is for Everyone


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