Beneath the tip of an Iceberg: Open House Melbourne 2015

This weekend is one of Melbourne’s biggest for all those fascinated by our built environment .  Guest writer Mariel Reyno  discusses the importance of Melbourne Open House.

Open House Melbourne creates a big window for design savvy people.  It is a yearly event that started in 2008 through a collaborative effort.

Open House Melbourne 2015Have you ever  wanted to explore certain premises that are normally locked away? Thanks to the Open House Melbourne, the public are given a chance to experience a deeper side of architecture and have the opportunity to go through the skin of the structures.   Through this initiative, people are given an insight into how designers approach different concerns and considerations in order  to produce smart buildings.

Underneath the surface of it all, it showcases the transition of architecture in Melbourne by uplifting its past, present and future through its wide range of building typology- from restoration of old buildings to the advancements of technology in architecture visible in modern buildings. Having this kind of event,  stimulates and entices the mind to be creative and innovative. It also allows everyone to be critics, facilitating substantial discussion  and  different opinions on the world of architecture. Open House Melbourne also gives  architects and the building industry a chance to be in the limelight and helps encourage and inspire the next generation of designers to contribute in changing the world, making it a better place for everyone to live in.  Likewise, it gives inspiration to other art makers and agitates to create new art forms.

Open House Melbourne also gives blooming architecture students the opportunity to experience architecture first hand.  They are leaning to think critically and evaluate design from the small details through to  the totality of the building as a whole and within the context it resides.

The experience of Melbourne Open House also gives you  the chance to see how each designer is able to convey their design and how the design enables the building to function.  Each and every building has its own uniqueness to offer, exhibiting parts of the designer, the occupants and the use of the building.

This annual program  is engaging  people bounded by curiosity and a common interest  in innovative design that would builds upon our city’s reputation  of creativity.

Architecture greatly affects our way of living and the way we interact with one another.  Undertakings like these are  opportunities for people to appreciate and witness art together, and let everyone get a glimpse of how art (in this case, Architecture) plays a big role in shaping a better community.


Melbourne Open House is on this weekend, July 25 – 26

For more information and to plan your weekend go to :


About the Author:

Mariel Reyno

Mariel is an Architecture Student at the University of Melbourne. She has a vision of creating a better society through design and arts.

About Michael Smith

Architect and Director of Atelier Red + Black based in Melbourne, Australia
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